The Team

Design is more than how it looks and feels...

In every lighting design project, we consider multiple aspects of lighting way beyond those of style and colour. Great lighting design will lift your mood, make you more productive and help you relax. Your preferences and interests are where we start, for example - health and wellbeing, reducing your eco-footprint and the latest technologies.

Design is the way that it works

We understand that you are busy and have many demands on your time. The world of lighting is changing literally day by day and you don’t have the time to keep up with the latest designs and technologies. Our extensive research means that you don’t have to think about compatibility of lighting systems, the constraints, controllability options or pros and cons of different solutions. A key aspect of getting this right is measuring and identifying the required light level to ensure that options are appropriate for tasks, social activities and relaxation.

Design is personal

James Humphries has been providing lighting design and advice to homeowners, property owners and Independent businesses around Salisbury and South Wiltshire since setting up Light My Space in 2007. We enjoy the challenge of finding lighting options for individuals and their unique spaces including sourcing beautiful lumières, integrating lighting into fixtures and furniture and making custom solutions. It is hugely rewarding and satisfying to hear a client sharply inhale and say, ‘wow’ and also when they slowly exhale and say, ‘I love how this room feels now’.

About James

My project experience means I know how important a client’s requirements are, that they are busy and want a great result with good communication and minimal inconvenience. I manage, organise and arrange the installations, collaborating with and giving guidance to local trades; so, our clients can be involved as little or as much as they want.

In my earlier career as an international programme and project manager, I travelled extensively and saw, photographed and reproduced different styles of lighting that I had seen from around the world that were unique and beautiful. However, my fascination with lights and lighting began when I was a student, studying electronics and information technology. That, and my passion for photography, meant I became obsessed about the role and the quality of light and, with advances in technology and automation, I am constantly discovering and exploring new ideas and types of lighting.

I'm half Dutch (colour scheme no accident) so aside from my height of 6'4", I'll also eat almost anything with liquorice, ginger or cinnamon. I love snowboarding, photography and sharing food, wine and craft beer with friends. I'm experimenting with home-made ice-cream flavours as well as making Napoli pizza in my pizza oven. Any excuse to travel is happily taken - along with pictures of any cool lights I find of course!

About Ira

I joined James in the business in 2017 and working closely together, we select and design lights to complement the physical space, style and use of each room so that you can make the most of the space you have. I enjoy experimenting with colour and different textures to create unique, personal spaces and approach each space individually whilst balancing its relationship with other rooms and the role each one plays in the owner’s lifestyle. I get my ecological kicks re-purposing and upcycling old stuff into new stuff.

My 20 years’ experience in organisation change management and behavioural sciences, means that I have a deep understanding of how our behaviour and sense of wellbeing is shaped by our surroundings and influenced by available light and space. My inner scientist is also intrigued by the recent research into the relationship between poor light and the development of health conditions such as myopia, migraines, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and even type2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

My interests include artisan and heritage crafts, especially glass mosaic and sculpture. I am half- Norwegian and love the Nordic style of clean lines, crisp, light colour palettes and use of natural stone, wood and glass. I am fascinated by all things marine and fish-related and am a complete and utter foodie. I’m married to James and we live in Porton with our 2 Norwegian forest cats.


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