Join us at the Wiltshire event of the year

We're de-LIGHT-ed to announce that Light My Space is supporting this year's Armed Forces Day National Event 2019. The event is the national focal point for celebrations and recognises the hard work and sacrifice of those that serve this country. #AFWSalisbury

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Where have all the lighting shops gone?

With the explosion of interest in lighting, countless style choices and advances in LED technology, it seems strange that when consumers most need specialist lighting expertise, it is disappearing from our high streets and towns. In 2018, the last lighting shop in Salisbury, The Lighting Workshop, closed down.

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Are restaurants getting darker?

Restaurant lighting is too dim for some

Why is dim lighting in restaurants so common? The simple answer is because it makes us stay longer, eat more and spend more. But what is one person's romantic or intimate space is another diner's struggle to read the menu.

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Cutting your lighting bill by 90%... easy as changing a lightbulb? Switching your household bulbs to LEDs and cutting your lighting bill by 90% couldn’t be easier according to an article by The Guardian’s Patrick Collinson on 19th January, 2019. Is this too good to be true? For many people, the answer is yes.

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Lighting up the festive season

The festive season is here and lights are appearing in shop windows and across our cities, twinkling brightly on trees and buildings. Many residential areas have a ‘Christmas House’ (or a whole street) that seems to be competing to see how many lights it’s humanly possible to put on a building.

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