Secret Spitfires: lighting an icon in remembrance

This Armistice Day the iconic Secret Spitfire Memorial in Salisbury will be brightly lit into the evening to commemorate the efforts of all those involved in the construction of Salisbury’s Secret Spitfires – an achievement that was instrumental in winning the Battle of Britain.

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Lighting your outdoor spaces

We know it's Autumn at Light My Space when we see a big increase in requests for garden and landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can enhance the ambience of your exterior spaces as much as the planting, ornaments and water features.

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Smart lighting gets affordable with Bluetooth

When the first UK lockdown began in Spring 2020, millions of people switched their company offices for home offices. This shone a spotlight on home office lighting with one of the most important aspects being the ability to switch lighting from work to home mode.

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On the Bright Side: light bites

Diners believe food that’s brightly lit tastes better. In an experiment at a fine-dining restaurant in the Netherlands, scientists found that guests eating under bright ambient light thought that the overall taste of the dish was more intense than guests exposed to dim lighting. And that's not all...

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