Merry Christmas... everyone!

Merry Christmas… everyone! Which is why, instead of sending a paper card to all of our lovely customers, suppliers and friends, we are making a donation to Alabaré to support Salisbury's homeless people, especially veterans, this winter. Spread the light and share the love!

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Lighting up the Festive Season

The festive season is here and lights are appearing in shop windows and across our cities, twinkling brightly on trees and buildings. Many neighbourhoods have a ‘Christmas House’ or, even a whole street, that seems to be competing to see how many lights it’s humanly possible to put on a building.

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5 Tips to get Light Right for Reading

Autumn has arrived with a colourful flourish and it seems like the perfect opportunity to talk about one of the perks of the season... curling up with a good book. Whether reading a paperback, e-reader or tablet, here are our tips to get the right reading light and reading environment:

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EU Halogen Ban

Halogen light bulbs will be banned in the UK as a result of EU legislation effective from 1 September. The legislation is designed to push consumers and businesses into switching to energy efficient LEDs. Here’s everything you need to know about the ban and how it will affect you.

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