Smart lighting gets affordable with Bluetooth

When the first UK lockdown began in Spring 2020, millions of people switched their company offices for home offices. This shone a spotlight on home office lighting with one of the most important aspects being the ability to switch lighting from work to home mode.

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On the Bright Side: light bites

Diners believe food that’s brightly lit tastes better. In an experiment at a fine-dining restaurant in the Netherlands, scientists found that guests eating under bright ambient light thought that the overall taste of the dish was more intense than guests exposed to dim lighting. And that's not all...

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Do you suffer from Lazy Lighting?

32% of office workers said better lighting would make them happier at work. This is according to online survey data by Staples UK among 7000 workers. 80% of office workers said that having good lighting in their workspace is important to them, and yet a shocking 40% are having to deal with uncomfortable lighting every day.

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Do you need a lighting designer?

You’re probably interested in lighting design if you’re reading this. However, you may never have used a lighting designer / lighting consultant or know the way a lighting designer works. Read on to find out what you need to know…

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Zoom in on Lighting Yourself

It doesn’t take too much effort to put across a good, clear image in a Zoom call, video or Facebook Live, even with the kind of standard webcam technology that comes on your average laptop or tablet. Just like our eyes, cameras need light to render a good image.

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