Getting the lighting you want...

… at a cost you can afford. Spreading the cost is an effective way to budget for an investment in your lighting and completing your home improvement projects.

Upgrading and updating your lighting may sometimes seem an expensive outlay, especially if you have an older property or if you need to make substantive changes to the electrical wiring. However, investing in improvements to your lighting can increase the market value of your property and also enable you to make more and better use of the space you have; meaning that you can enjoy your home more fully until you’re ready to move.

Once you have a clear idea of how much money you want to spend on your new lighting, you’ll need to consider how to finance the improvements and where the money is coming from. Only then can you make decisions on where and how to invest in lighting, including the level of finishes, fixtures and other features.

One option to release funds locked into your home and spread the cost of repayments, could be to seek a further advance or second charge against your mortgage. If you are considering re-mortgaging, this could be an opportunity to get the lighting you’ve always wanted!

For advice and information about the benefits of upgrading, and the options available to improve your lighting - talk to us… because there’s more to light!


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