Put a concierge in your pocket

... by using responsive lighting technology. Simply put, it’s a system that allows the user’s mobile device to receive 3D co-ordinates with reliable and accurate Bluetooth technology. Additionally, if it is integrated with a facility’s Content Management System (CMS), visitors can interact with the venue in real-time for a personalised customer experience.

The innovative system will control lighting to direct a person to any destination within a building or space by sending a virtual navigation map to the visitor's smart phone. The system works by combining Bluetooth wirelessly-controlled LEDs with intelligent beaconing, lighting management system control and an enabled ‘indoor positioning system’ directing them to a room, product or service.

The technology can also serve as a logistics tool for buildings such as warehouses, by guiding people and machines to goods and locations via the lighting installed, improving efficiency and boosting productivity. The start-up behind this innovative system says: “This technology has the potential to create safer and more efficient spaces, enabling enhanced user experience while also improving operations in smart offices, retail stores, airports, industrial buildings and hospitals. And this is just the start.”


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