Lighting up the River Thames

Illuminated River is an ambitious, new public art commission using energy efficient LEDs which will transform London at night, lighting up to 15 bridges on the River Thames. Once complete, it will be the longest public art project in the world.

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Ageing adults live in 'biological darkness'

All adults experience a deterioration in their sight as they get older. Changes take place in our visual system that can have a huge impact on our lives and our ability to live independently. Recent research conducted in Europe and the USA has found that 93% of homes (and their occupants) are in 'Biological Darkness'.

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Join us at the Wiltshire event of the year

We're de-LIGHT-ed to announce that Light My Space is supporting this year's Armed Forces Day National Event 2019. The event is the national focal point for celebrations and recognises the hard work and sacrifice of those that serve this country. #AFWSalisbury

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Where have all the lighting shops gone?

With the explosion of interest in lighting, countless style choices and advances in LED technology, it seems strange that when consumers most need specialist lighting expertise, it is disappearing from our high streets and towns. In 2018, the last lighting shop in Salisbury, The Lighting Workshop, closed down.

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