Light Finder

“I want to solve an issue...”

“...with my existing lighting to increase the amount and quality of light; change the style or type; add flexible and layered options for multi-use; reduce maintenance and running costs; make more of my outside space.”

  • 1. Consultation and Project set-up

    After an initial call to discuss your lighting issues, we will meet with you at your property or using an online meeting app, if you prefer. On receipt of a down payment of £200, we will:

    • understand detailed requirements, your budget and arrange a site visit or review client’s photos.
    • gather measurements, specifications and identify any constraints
    • agree and prioritise areas or issues to be addressed
    • create & share an online Ideas Book
    • provide 2 hours searching and upload of images & specifications to the Ideas Book. Products will be commercially available and appropriate to the guide budget
    • hold an Ideas Book review (when there is c.30 mins search time remaining) to determine next steps i.e. a selection decision or to continue searching
  • 2. Provide Prices

    Once a selection or a shortlist of options has been made, we will:

    • confirm suppliers, check product availability and delivery lead times
    • reserve items (where possible)
    • invoice client for lumières* & receive payment
  • 3. Purchase Lumières

    This stage typically includes all or any of the following activities:

    • place order(s)
    • checking of products and manage returns
    • product assembly (if required) and testing of lumières
    • deliver products to your location (and consolidate multiple orders)
    • provide installation guidance to your chosen electrician (optional). Fitting and wiring by electrician to be arranged by customer

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