Light Landscaper

“I want to enjoy my garden for longer…”

“...into the evening and highlight attractive garden features; create a stunning vista to look out on from the house; turn my garden into an outdoor room; make the approach to my property feel welcoming and safe.”

  • 1. Design Meeting & Site Visit

    Following an initial call to discuss your project we will meet with you at your property and talk youthrough the light landscaper process:

    • ask detailed questions about your plans and how you would like to use the garden/exterior space
    • discuss any structures or features you would like to highlight
    • confirm your lighting requirements, identify specific considerations and demonstrate some product options
    • agree your budget and what is, and isn’t, included in the project and produce a statement of understanding (the Design Brief) and a cost estimate for the design phase.
  • 2. Landscape Lighting Design

    Once you have accepted the Design Brief, we can commence the design work for your project. This typically includes the following activities:

    • conduct research to identify potential products, manufacturers and indicative costs
    • share information with you about different lighting types, with images, to illustrate those options using on-line idea boards, so we can share ideas and fit around your schedule
    • up to three site visits for assessments, detailed measurements and aerial/drone photography (optional)
    • handover of an exterior lighting design document, that will include an estimate of costs, as well as considerations for installation and operation.
  • 3. Order & Supply

    Once the design, proposed solution and the estimate is accepted, we will:

    • select suppliers, confirm product prices and delivery schedules
    • invoice the client for lumières and place orders
    • assemble and test lumières
    • consolidate multiple orders and deliver products to your address

    You may also choose to engage us to provide installation support such as:

    • set up programming for controls and any automation (optional)
    • prepare a lighting plan and guidance for wiring to client’s electrician (optional)
    • assist with installation (optional)

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