Mediterranean style garden

Project Type:Commercial

Service:Light Landscaper

Client brief...

to incorporate low-voltage lighting into garden plans and provide cabling overlays to guide landscape preparation. Provide specialist advice on the selection and positioning of the lighting units, complementary solar lighting, and their intended effects. Engage and instruct an electrician to install armoured cables, junction boxes and external control unit to support lighting controls from their phone.

What the client said

“Working with James on this project, I was impressed at how clear his plans were and the time he took to explain why the lighting was set out in a particular way, what effect each type of light would produce and how it would work with the garden design. His instructions and communications were very clear, and he was there to provide on-the-spot advice and clarification if I needed it. James’ knowledge and enthusiasm is evident and he is a great problem-solver when issues came up. The lighting really complemented the garden design and planting; it looked amazing and made the garden really beautiful – and very different – by night.”

Simon Byrne – Versari Gardens, Wiltshire

  • Under-step Lighting
  • Lit Copper Water Feature
  • Tikki Torches with flickering flames
  • Initial on-site sketch of cabling plan overlay on landscape plan

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