City Illuminations project

Project Type:Commercial

Service:Light Landscaper

Client brief...

to conduct a feasibility study and lead the development of a business case for a complex and innovative way of thinking about lighting the city to showcase architectural features, guide visitors to attractions and also create spectacles in light to attract new visitors and local people to boost the night-time economy.
The client subsequently asked us to provide expert consultancy advice and support to the Salisbury Illuminations project team (part of the Salisbury Recovery and Regeneration Programme). The complexity and scale of the plan meant that several lighting and electrical contractors would be working in partnership and good communications were essential for getting the requirements right.
Creative ideas were required to manage around some of the restrictions of the historically and architecturally important spaces and incorporate LED and new technology solutions to minimise maintenance and running costs and to 'future-proof' the installation so that it wouldn't look outdated for several years.
In Spring 2019, following several months of planning, we set up a 'proof of concept' and can share some images of this night trial.
  • Salisbury Clock Tower White
  • Salisbury Clock Tower Red
  • St. Thomas' Church
  • Salisbury Guildhall

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