Chiropractic treatment room

Project Type:Commercial

Service:Light Finder

Client brief...

to find a softer, less glaring overhead light for a baby treatment room and also provide sufficient light for staff to use the computer and read.

What the client said

“Thank you so much for putting the finishing touch to our Baby Treatment Room. The room had a fluorescent tube, a left-over from its previous use. Your only brief was to make the light softer, but you did this with your usual style. We now have a feature in the room which lifts the whole space. The light fitting is flush with the ceiling because it is a very low ceiling. It’s a beautiful cross, almost like a large piece of jewellery; and it dims. So, we have a very good light to work in the room, or work at the desk, but it can be dimmed when we have a young patient on the treatment table.
It’s perfect. Thank you.”

S.T, Afon House, Salisbury


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