Courtyard and elevated terrace

Project Type:Residential

Service:Light Landscaper

Client brief...

The client commissioned a well-known local property developer for a new build rural property. We worked with the developer and the end client to design and deliver the house exterior and garden lighting. The lighting scheme incorporated accent lighting for beautifully textured stonework and highlighting some key garden features. Exterior lighting provided gentle ambient light with strategic shadow gaps and pathway lighting for safe movement around the property and garden.

What the client said

coming soon (November 2019)

Mr and Mrs M, Teffont

  • Exterior lighting makes the property appear welcoming and makes walking safer at night
  • Lighting walls and features turns the courtyard into an outside room
  • Lighting is carefully positioned so that different vistas can be enjoyed from different angles
  • Low level light angled correctly adds texture and turns stonework into artwork
  • Directional lighting provides ambience and conforms to Dark Skies recommendations

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