Extend lighting in mature walled garden

Project Type:Residential

Service:Light Landscaper

Project Price:under £300

Client brief...

The client had laid mains-cabled lighting in one part of their garden, installed when the garden was landscaped several years ago. Another part of the garden they enjoyed during the day was completely dark at night and they wanted to introduce lighting without disturbing the mature planting in that area to lay cabling.

What the client said

“After a conversation with James about high quality solar lights, we invited him round to see if he could help. James arrived early evening to show us the lights before dark and then positioned them in different places after sunset, so we could decide what we liked. We chose some lights and now have them installed; they come on automatically and I can see my garden beautifully lit even from inside the house. James kept us informed at each stage of the process and made the whole experience stress-free and enjoyable.
As keen campers, we are looking forward to also taking some of them with us on our travels – a real bonus. James is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about lighting and giving customers a great experience. I recommend everyone to talk to Light My Space to see what they can do for you; they are right – there is more to light.”

Mr and Mrs D, Salisbury

  • Accent lighting on a feature such as this archway provides interest and enough light for people to walk safely.
  • A wide-beam solar light concealed in nearby planting is effective for lighting large trees and garden scenes.
  • Concealed low-level solar lighting emphasises the characteristic white trunks of these silver birches and is diffused through the bamboo for a softer effect.

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