Enhance patio area and garden features

Project Type:Residential

Service:Light Landscaper

Project Price:under £300

Client brief...

to be able to relax with friends and view the sloped rear garden, currently lit by a high-powered security light that is glaring and dazzles people when they sit outside. They want to enjoy several beautiful garden features that are not visible after sun-down, including a mature apple tree and archways between levels, but without disturbing the existing planting and lawn.

What the client said

Our garden is steeply sloping and only gets sun at limited times of the day. We had dismissed solar lights previously as they just didn’t charge. We were so impressed by the amount of light our new lights generated and with careful positioning by James and Ira the features we love, like the apple tree, are highlighted and look amazing. We’ve since had some hard landscaping done and were able to adjust the positions which would not have been possible with mains cabled lights.

Mr and Mrs S, Porton

  • This lovely old apple tree has special significance to the homeowners who wanted to be able to enjoy looking at it when they sat outside in the evening.
  • Strategic solar lighting accents planting and access routes to the rear portion of the garden. An added benefit (according to the homeowners) of this placement is is greater peace of mind about security without the necessity of a 'blinding' floodlight.

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