Walled courtyard entertaining space

Project Type:Residential

Service:Light Landscaper

Client brief...

The walled courtyard is used all year round as a favourite place to sit and relax and to entertain friends. The client request was to provide a subtle way to light the pergola area and make it really cosy and replace the ugly halogen lighting in the planted beds. The design also included low level, subtle lighting for the perimeter of the space and walkway to compliment the lighting in the pergola area. Ambient, colour changeable lighting was carefully positioned to minimise any impact on the neighbours and local wildlife.

What the client said

awaiting testimonial (project completed Autumn 2019)

Mrs G, Salisbury

  • Low level dimmable lighting provides warmth and definition to the edges of the paved area.
  • Vintage-style LED bulbs give ambient lighting and the vines block any upward light bleed making it eco-friendly and neighbour friendly.
  • LED fairy lights turn a dark hedge into a 'living wall' feature
  • Careful positioning of lighting within planted areas adds colour and stunning shadow effects

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