External floodlight solution

Project Type:Residential

Service:Light Finder

Project Price:under £300

Client brief...

Client needed to replace an existing malfunctioning security light to give better control and increase usability of outside space.

What the client said

“James is full of knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject - which brings ideas to life. A simple change to a light (that also saves money) has transformed the usage of our outside space. We had some old-style halogen outside lighting that was malfunctioning and causing issues, randomly coming on and going off. It was set very high on the house and so changing bulbs was a nightmare. James sourced some small, elegant LED equivalents which solved all the issues, gave out more light and means I’ll never have to climb that ladder again! They also use a fraction of the original electricity – happy days! Happy to recommend James and his business Light My Space to others."

Mr. O, Porton


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