Reception rooms and bedrooms

Project Type:Residential

Service:Light Finder

Project Price:under £1,500

Client brief...

to replace the light fixtures in two bedrooms and a landing that had been left from when the client moved in over 10 years ago. The landing and stairwell were dark and the existing lumière was “ugly and old-fashioned" and poorly positioned. The halogen bulbs often needed replacing at some inconvenience. The dining room needed elevated levels of brightness, better light spread and a “more attractive” feature lumière. The bedroom lights were simple pendants that gave out very little light and were often walked into as the first floor ceilings were quite low and the lights poorly positioned.

What the client said

We had some tired, unattractive light fittings in our home which were about 20 years old. I am not a shopper so when I discovered that James and Ira could source and offer a large choice of new and exciting fittings we were thrilled. They visited our home and we discussed what we might like. We were sent lots of images via email to choose from, with alternates sent if we were not sure. When we made our choices, Light my Space quickly ordered, put together and fitted, with an electrician, our lights. We are delighted with our lights and it puts a smile on our faces whenever we turn them on!! Thank you, James and Ira, you provide an excellent professional service.

Mr. and Mrs. G, Salisbury


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