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We were de-light-ed to be shortlisted for the South-West Business and Community Awards 2018.  Being selected recognised us as one of the top eight companies in our category across five counties.

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At Light My Space, we want to help you make the most of the space you have – inside and outside.  We’ve put together free guides to provide you with information you need to consider for your lighting when planning your space.  Sign up below if you would like to receive them - we won't use your email for anything else.


We will be adding new guides every month, and if there is something you’d particularly like us to cover, please contact us.


FEBRUARY -  Making the most of... lighting to improve personal effectiveness and health 

Light is critical to human functioning and several scientific research studies have found lighting  has profound effects on our mood, productivity and health. In this guide we begin to explore the important impact of light on preventing injury caused by accidents and accelerating recovery from illness. 


JANUARY - Making the most of... New Year, New You - lighting for a healthier life

The lights in your home, and at the office, can make a difference to the way you feel and can even affect your health. We joined forces with Dr. Karen Janes of Natural Healing Energy to share some insights about the effects of light and lighting on our bodies and minds and some tips about how you can feel better and healthier in 2018.

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2017 Guides

DECEMBER - Making the most of... Gifts that light up the festive season

In the event that you still have some Christmas gifts to buy, we’d like to share our top Lighting-themed gifts that may illuminate and shed some light on your dilemma. In no particular order (but no.1 is on Ira’s wishlist)…  MERRY CHRISTMAS  AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU


NOVEMBER - Making the most of... LEDs - top tips for smarter lighting choices

There many benefits to switching from traditional light sources to LEDs, including saving on running costs, maintenance costs and safety.  With over 200 different LED bulbs on the market today, the choice of LED lighting available can be overwhelming and there are many quality aspects to consider. We share a few simple rules to help you make smarter choices when selecting or switching to LEDs. 


NOVEMBER - Making the most of... lighting advice for landlords

Lights can provide a real wow factor at a fraction of the cost of redecorating and with the latest systems and technology, the running and maintenance cost savings can be significant. Your property's lights influence how warm or welcoming it feels - enhancing it's appeal and helping prospective tenants to see themselves living there. What does your lighting say about your property? We share 5 simple things you can do to improve it. 


OCTOBER - Making the most of... planning early to get the lighting you want

Planning early for your lighting will give you choices and options that will complement the interior design and architectural features and makes the space more usable.  The right lighting enhances the layout of a room and allows you to control the visual temperature and how it makes you feel.  Our '5 questions to ask about your building plans' will help you decide if you could benefit from having a Lighting Design Plan.


SEPTEMBER - Making the most of... lighting that adds £££s to the value of a property

If you are thinking of renovating, selling or renting out a property, the results of several National and International surveys were released over the summer and provide evidence that good lighting is an important factor in perceived property value, ‘kerb-appeal’ and buying decisions. Our 5-point checklist will help you make the most of your lighting and increase your property's attractiveness to prospective buyers and tenants.


AUGUST - Making the most of... lights and lighting design

A great lighting scheme complements the interior design and architectural features of a space, making it more usable. Good lighting enhances the room layout and allows you to control the visual temperature and how the space makes you feel. Buying a light from a store or online might get you a 'good light' that is functional and looks nice, but it may not provide good lighting. 


AUGUST - Making the most of... low environmental impact lighting for your outdoor spaces

Most people take artificial night-time lighting for granted and many think it is a necessity for safety and security. Advances in lighting technology have caused illumination levels to increase by a factor of 10 over the last 50 years, leading to greater awareness of the impact on our environment. If you are planning to install garden lighting and are concerned about the environmental impact, read our tips to reduce glare and light bleed whilst considering the safety of visitors and guests.


JULY - Making the most of... garden lighting that is kind to wildlife

If you want to make the most of your garden, and continue to enjoy a great view from inside your home, good quality garden lighting is a must.   If you are lucky enough to have frequent wildlife visitors to your garden, you might want to consider choosing lighting that is as wildlife-friendly as possible.  Here are a few tips to think about to keep you, and those critters, enjoying your garden as the evenings become longer.


JUNE - Making the most of... solar powered garden lighting

Good quality garden lighting can add £££s to the value of your property and increase it’s ‘kerb appeal’, according to Rightmove UK.  It can turn your garden into another room and a space you want to be in, relax in and entertain in.  Solar powered lighting can be installed anywhere without the need to dig and bury mains cables and can be moved to create different areas of focus or points of emphasis. We are fed up with the cheap and poor quality solar lights in supermarkets and home stores and are excited to share with you our favourite lights that will transform your space.

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