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Working With Us

Following your enquiry, we will have a conversation with you to understand what it is you are looking for.  There is no obligation or fee until you choose to engage our services, starting with the property visit and design brief.

Advice - Design - Installation

Property Visit and Design Brief

We will:

  • make a site visit to your property and discuss your requirements so that we fully understand your lighting needs and preferences 
  • ask the questions you will need to consider when making a choice for your lighting
  • identify any specific issues you may have or preferences such as low environmental impact lighting, multifunctional lighting and use of artisan or local products.

Within 7 days we will produce a design brief document, outlining our understanding of your requirements and a quote for the lighting design.

Lighting Design and Plan

Once you have reviewed the design brief and decide to proceed, we will:

  • conduct research to identify potential solutions, manufacturers and indicative costs
  • share information with you about different lighting types and systems, with images to illustrate those options using either personal visits or on-line idea boards, so we can share ideas fitting around your schedule
  • assess the relative benefits and limitations for different options
  • contact potential suppliers for custom solutions (if required) and lead times.

This information will be presented to you in a lighting design document, explaining the different options and any customised items.  This will include relative costs, as well as considerations for installation and operation.

Product Sourcing and Provisioning

When you have selected your preferred option and products, we ask you to make a contractual agreement with a deposit.  Only then will we:

  • make arrangements and place orders for lights and fittings
  • check and test all components are operating correctly
  • build any custom or integrated pieces
  • provide installation guidance notes to your chosen electrician (we can also provide on-site advice or installation).

Additional Services

We recognise that sometimes you do not need the complete, end to end 3-stage process detailed above, so we offer:

  • The Light Finder - a combination of stages 1-3 - finding and sourcing a solution for an existing room or light fitting, something to match other fittings in the room or just solving a lighting problem.
  • The Light Planner - this advice-only service uses elements of stages 1-2.  Using your architect's plans we will sit with you and apply our experience of user-journeys to make sure the light circuits, cabling and switches are designed-in to maximise your options post-build - even if you're not sure what lights you want yet.

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