Light My Space
Light My Space

I want to...

plan a new space

and need advice on my building plans so I can have the style, position and personal control of my lighting so that my new space works for me/us.

You need the Light Planner


solve an issue

with my existing lighting to: increase the amount and quality of light; change the style or type; add flexible and layered options for multi-use.

You need the Light Finder


upgrade & design

my lighting to: make my spaces work flexibly and effectively; enhance the interior design; accent architectural features; add ‘wow factor’ and value.

You need the Light Designer


we offer a no-obligation free chat

to understand what your lighting needs and issues are and help you select the service that is right for you.

Light Planner

from £80


  • review your architect's plans
  • discuss your ideas for how you want to use the space
  • apply user-journeys to help you visualise and experience the new space
  • design-in the right location and type of  light circuits, cabling and switches
  • maximise your options post-build so you won’t have to compromise on your choice of lumiéres

Light Finder

from £200*


  • discuss ideas and constraints
  • review photos and/or site visit
  • measurements & specifications


  • share style ideas on-line
  • choose lumiéres / lights


  • select supplier(s) & place order
  • assemble, test and deliver
  • arrange installation (optional)


*A range of options will be provided - final price will be dependant on your requirements and the light you choose.  We will agree your budget in advance.

Light Designer

price on application


  • ask specific questions
  • discuss preferences and identify considerations
  • confirm requirements


Create a Design Brief

inc. cost for the Lighting Design


  • access latest trends, technologies & products
  • share lighting options and style ideas
  • choose lumiéres
  • design custom solutions (optional)


Create Lighting Design

inc. cost for sourcing & provisioning


  • select suppliers & place orders
  • assemble / custom build & test
  • project manage the installation

These services are all subject to our terms and conditions.  Click here for consumer or click here for business.

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