Energy-conscious outdoor lighting

Most people take artificial night-time lighting for granted. In cities, it is considered to be an acceptable component of our society, and many think it is a necessity for safety and security. As a result, illumination levels have increased over the last 50 years by a factor of 10.

The on-demand availability of electrical energy and efficient lighting fixtures have enabled the modern urban lifestyle of “24-7” activity. Advances in lighting technology have caused our consumption of energy to soar over recent decades as many types of fixtures available commercially are high-intensity and few have dimming control.

A rise in public understanding of the impact of such high electricity consumption has contributed to a greater environmentally conscious and ethical consumer base within outdoor lighting. In 2016 the Dark-Sky Preserves Program (DSPP) adopted a set of guidelines to promote the use of low-impact lighting and:

  • a reduction in light pollution
  • demonstrate ethical consumption of resources
  • improve the nocturnal environment of wildlife
  • expand dark observing sites for astronomy
  • access to experience the naturally dark night sky
    • If you are planning to install garden lighting and are similarly concerned about the environmental impact, you may be interested in a couple of the recommendations relating to (1) limiting glare and the adverse ecological impact of artificial lighting and (2) technical specifications for acceptable illumination levels required for safe navigation.

      Growth projections to 2023 for the lighting market published in August 2017, show that solar powered outdoor/garden lighting is the highest growth sector after LED string lights. Consumers need to be aware that there are many types and quality of lighting available as well as different aspects to consider e.g. colour (including different whites), intensity and spread.

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