Do you suffer from Lazy Lighting?

32% of office workers said better lighting would make them happier at work. This is according to online survey data by Staples UK among 7000 workers. 80% of office workers said that having good lighting in their workspace is important to them, and yet a shocking 40% are having to deal with uncomfortable lighting every day.

Being continually exposed to something that isn’t a positive experience for you and your colleagues stimulates a negative effect - including anxiety and stress - and reactions that can have cumulative, and long-term, consequences. Many workplaces are not providing adequate lighting. Businesses often move their furniture and employee workstations, but don’t change the lighting; leaving some employees with harsh, glaring light in their eyes and other high-traffic areas such as walkways and corridors poorly lit. We call this 'lazy lighting' - lighting that just isn't doing the job. Even if you are in leased premises, lighting upgrades can be made that you can take with you.

Biodynamic lighting is lighting designed to be good for people by simulating natural daylight. One of the solutions leading the market is Human Centric Lighting (HCL). However, use of HCL so far has been limited to large companies as it is a new, and expensive, technology with high end units costing many thousands of pounds.

Light My Space have invested time in understanding how the technology works and the components widely available and can build and program an HCL unit for a few hundred pounds that has all the personal controllability and features of a factory-produced ‘sealed’ unit. All the components used are under warranty - usually with longer warranties than a ‘sealed’ product.

Talk to us about the benefits of HCL for your office and home and for specialist advice on the latest innovations and energy-saving technologies.


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